Billion seller turns 40:
Bosch lambda sensors

  • 40 years

    lambda sensors

  • 1976

    First emission control system

    Catalytic converts are considerably more efficient and less vulnerable thanks to the development of lambda sensors - 50 % reduction in emissions.

  • 1982

    Heated lambda sensors

    The sensor no longer has to be installed in the immediate vicinity of the engine. Heating permits an operating temperature of more than 350°C for the sensor element.

  • 1985

    Constant operation monitoring

    The addition of a fourth wire to the lambda sensor simplifies sensor monitoring. Malfunctioning or damage is easy to detect due to the earthing being carried in the fourth wire.

  • 1990

    Quicker attainment of operating

    The planar lambda sensor with multi-layer ceramic films reaches operating temperature twice as quickly. This achieves a further 50 % reduction in emissions in the previously critical cold starting phase.

  • 1999 onward

    For gasoline, diesel and gas

    In the planar wideband sensor 2 measurement cells are provided for even more precise exhaust gas analysis. These ensure extremely accurate measurement in both the rich and the lean range. Also suitable for the regulation of gas and diesel engines.

  • 2002

    Universal lambda sensors

    Thanks to their patented connector, just a few OE-quality universal sensors are sufficient to replace a large number of original sensors.

  • 2011

    Constant further development

    The Bosch development engineers are constantly working to improve the lambda sensor still further. The newest generation of lambda sensors of the LSF Xfour type show following features: faster response behaviour after engine start, increased accuracy, smaller overall size, increased robustness

  • 2013

    Diesel Wideband Lambda Sensor LSU5.1

    The LSU 5.1 broad-band lambda sensor developed specifically for diesel engines features a high soot resistance. It constributes significantly to compliance with EURO 4 - 6 and ULEV / SULES emission regulations.

  • 2016

    1 billion lambda sensors in 2016

    Production record: Within 40 years, Bosch produced a billion lambda sensors.

Bosch: 1st choice for 40 years

As inventor and innovation leader with more than a billion produced lambda sensors, Bosch is a leading OE and trade supplier.

Bosch guarantees top-quality materials and innovative production processes. Bosch lambda sensors are patented, optimized to prevent breakages or thermal shocks and 100% functionally tested.

Bosch lambda sensors stand out for

  • their long service life
  • correct functioning
  • being optimally matched to the respective engine
An outstanding feature of all Bosch lambda sensors is their original-equipment quality
  • In other words, they are subjected to the same stringent test criteria as the original components in customer vehicles.
  • This guarantees the consistently high quality of replacement lambda sensors.
  • That is why vehicle manufacturers around the world rely on Bosch lambda sensors – thus also 1st choice for workshops and trade.
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